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Volume 20, Issue 5

Success at the Sonoma Baylands

Laurel Marcus

Volume 20, Issue 5, Page 1

Completed and now in the monitoring phase, the tidal wetland restoration project at the Sonoma Baylands required a scientifically sound and cost-effective implementation plan and a shift away from Corps policy supporting aquatic disposal over wetland creation for dredging projects.

Water, Wildlife

Casting Aside the Tulloch Rule

Royal C. Gardner

Volume 20, Issue 5, Page 5

The D.C. Court of Appeals has ruled that the Tulloch rule, which governed incidental fallback during excavation and other activities, is invalid. Here the Court's ruling is explained, and some thoughts are offered for how the decision may affect other aspects of the administration's Clean Water Act authority.

Water, Wildlife

Improving Mitigation Performance: Results from a Maryland Study

Bill Street

Volume 20, Issue 5, Page 11

Building on its recent study of mitigation projects in Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has developed some practical suggestions for how functional assessment principles can be used to work toward better mitigation policy and on-the-ground performance.

Water, Wildlife

Kind Words for Mud

Peter Steinhart

Volume 20, Issue 5, Page 24

Mud is, to the human mind, nature's least congenial setting. We cavort in ocean waves, bask in desert sun, and brave the ice of mountain peaks. But mud we leave to clammers and trench soldiers. We think of mud as something unfinished, a lugubrious prospect that goes with heavy skies and deferred purposes, plasma waiting to become land or water.

Water, Wildlife