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Volume 18, Issue 4

Visions and Initiatives from the Corps

Michael Davis

Volume 18, Issue 4, Page 1

The National Wetlands Newsletter talks with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works and Chair of the White House Wetlands Working Group about a variety of upcoming changes to the federal wetlands program.

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Uncertainty Will Continue for Wetland Delineators

Franklin J. Svoboda

Volume 18, Issue 4, Page 6

Peter, a friend of mine, and I were comparing business notes a few months ago. The topic of discussion was certification of professional practitioners. As the owner of a commercial carpet installation company, Peter employs union shop labor. In the union, as individuals become masters at carpet installation, the increased skills are recognized by an advance in classification from apprentice to journeyman. 

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Model Watershed Protection

Robert W. Adler

Volume 18, Issue 4, Page 7

Several paradoxes have plagued the development of watershed programs around the nation. However, as issues raised by these paradoxes are resolved, a flexible model for watershed program design is emerging.

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Mitigation Banking: A Tool, Not a Panacea

Roy A. Hoagland, Jean G. Watts, and Mary B. Anstine

Volume 18, Issue 4, Page 13

Banking can be useful, but historically it has failed to live up to its promise. The new federal guidance and current creation and implementation practices do little to prevent the mistakes of the past.

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