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Volume 18, Issue 2

Uncertain Prospects

Robert Meltz

Volume 18, Issue 2, Page 1

Property rights legislation passed the House of Representatives last year and is now before the Senate. What is in the bills and how would they affect the government's ability to run its programs?

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Tour Highlights Wetlands Status in the Mississippi Delta

Gene Whitaker

Volume 18, Issue 2, Page 5

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) took a show on the road in January with a bus tour through Mississippi, Lousiana, and Arkansas. The tour was the second Chief Paul Johnson has led — the first was through the Midwest in November 1994 — to bring together Washington, D.C., representatives from federal agencies and conservation groups with landowners and state and local agency representatives to discuss restoration efforts and fedearl wetlands programs.

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Wetlands Loss -- and Gain -- in Louisiana

Pierre Robert Viguerie, Jr.

Volume 18, Issue 2, Page 6

A master plan is in place and work on restoration projects has begun, but a variety of challenges both physical and political remain for the broad-based coalition working to slow the enormous wetland losses facing coastal Louisiana.

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Restoration in a Watershed Context

Christy Foote-Smith

Volume 18, Issue 2, Page 10

Massachusetts has developed a watershed wetland restoration planning process that features a science-based framework for identifying and evaluating potential restoration sites.

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All is not well with Section 404

Virginia S. Albrecht and Bernard N. Goode

Volume 18, Issue 2, Page 14

Congress must act to fix the program that not only results in delay and duplication, but affects areas that should not be federally regulated at all.

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